Managed Print Services

We have become market leaders in the managed print space. From single device businesses to 100 machine sites.

Organisations are spending 1-3% of revenues on document output and management every year. But device management responsibilities are often fragmented, and the office document output environment is rarely seen as a major area of concern. So most managers are in the dark when it comes to their document management costs and productivity.

For example, do you know:

  • How much you spend annually on document output?

  • How many separate document output devices are used in your office each day?

  • How each device is used?

  • How much it costs to operate each printer or copier?

  • How much you spend on supplies?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. But a careful analysis of the answers to these questions can help you manage your office output products and processes more effectively.

Take control of your print and copy environment Xerox Print Solutions can reduce your print and copy costs by as much as 30% while improving your company’s document production capabilities. Using proven tools developed by Xerox, will streamline and cost effectively manage all your output devices. Why outsource print and copy services? Most organizations don’t understand the true costs of running their print, copy, scan and fax assets, yet may spend 3% of revenues on these resources.

By outsourcing copy and print services, you’ll reap these benefits:

  • Reduce print and copy costs. Moving from in-house print and copy management to a managed print solution can trim these costs by up to 30 percent.*

  • Save resources. More efficient management of your output device fleet can reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of consumables such as ink or toner, and cut down on waste.

  • Refocus IT on more critical business tasks. IT support staff typically spend significant time in installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.

  • Eliminate obsolescence. Our authorised print services providers will ensure that your devices stay up to date and that your employees have the new features they need to stay productive and competitive.

  • Ensure high availability. Better control over your output device fleet means your employees never wait for a printout or fax.